Meet Alicia

Based in Houston, Texas, Alicia Nicholas is a distinguished interior designer renowned for fashioning homes that kindles a spirit of togetherness, where love and laughter are shared amongst family and friends. With nearly two decades of experience and countless connections, Alicia offers the finest home furnishings, and creations from across the globe that suit a home’s everyday needs while bestowing a unique elegance. Her talents will enhance a lavish city skyscraper, a plush suburban home, an expansive beach front property or majestic mountain top lodge, Alicia’s expertise will exceed a home’s everyday needs while bestowing a unique elegance.
A wife and mother of three loving daughters, Alicia understands a home is to be lived in—yet is the centerpiece of gatherings and celebrations— where memories are formed and cherished. She will take the time to understand your families individual wants and needs. Published and awarded by her peers in the industry. Alicia would be honored to work with clients desiring a home that will be embraced by all whose presence is graced.
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